the customer service is a joke... 

Ive been a sprint customer for 9 years with 4 lines, 2 iPad lines and a bunch of accessories.. The level of service that they provide was at one time wonderful. Over the years they have steadily declined, Over charging my account by several hundreds of dollars. here is a brief look into my experiences with them.

most recently I discovered they changed my Account type to a more expensive one, The "error" was caught, I was promised a refund and never got it.

the next one was, I was removed from autopay, They continued to bill me and no credit were applied during this time, Thats 5.00 off per line, I have 6 lines. So for 5 months my account was billed 30.00 higher than it should have been, they acknowledged the problem, Only after disconnecting my main line. After service was restored they never did get my refund.

This went on for awhile, All the time my account got higher and higher. I refused to pay for something they were responsible for, Finally it came to a head a few weeks ago, I would call in, Get transferred a few times, Get transferred again, Each person doing less than the last.

I went into a print store, They called from their line, We got someone on the phone after 15 minutes. when they picked up, I asked them can I pay 500.00 of my $700.00 bill to get it all worked out, They said yes. They asked to be transferred to me which the store employee simply handed me the phone, They person said hello James? I said yes, He laughed and Hung up.. The store employees heard it first hand. I didn't have another 40 minutes to lose while waiting so I said I would call back when I got home.


I got home, Called. Transferred several times, Finally someone answers, We go around the same silly circle. I get to the point where I say, I no longer want sprint, I'm going to someone else, They said well, Can we work with you, I said YES, I've been trying to give you 500 bucks for 8 days now and its not working. They say ok, Let me transfer you to a specialist that can help, That line rings for 45 minutes when after that time a message jumps on and says this call can not be completed. and just hangs up..


I GO BACK TO THE STORE AT LUNCH, we go around the same process again, I was told I had to pay $477.00, when I got to the store I was told the full balance of $7x0.00.... All I wanted was a direct answer. SO finally someone says yes we can help, they told me If I can pay 500 I would be good until the next billing cycle....

I pay the 500 on the spot, Service is restored. Everyone is happy... UNTIL the next day when my services are cut again. I call back and they proceed to tell me that I agreed to pay the 500 and then the remaining balance of $2xx.00 the very next day, Which Incase your wondering is absolutely ridiculous. I call back and say, NO that was not the arrangement and then have to retell the entire days prior conversation. they asked if I can pay $150 which the last person should have requested, Which per the last person they told me they were as high up the ladder as possible... I said no, But I can when I get paid on Thursday, So Thursday rolls around, I pay online $150.00....all is good..... Not so much, The line is off again, I chat messaged and they told me basically my call Thursday never happened and that I have to pay another $194.00... SERIOUSLY...this is why NOBODY should continue to deal with sprint until they get their customer service back to the way it once was.

Ive posted the recorded phone conversations, The chat dialogs and the pictures of the highway billboard signs that are going up in regards to this situation and all the others like it. You can also visit the facebook page and the forum HERE.


as of today, November 25th this issue has not been resolved, Nor have they let me cancel my services and go elsewhere. TO BE CONTINUED

Customer service will lie to you

if you pay a phone off and not tell them they will continue to bill you for it.

if your past due, Make sure you screenshot and document everything, They will do whatever it takes to get a payment. 

They are rude when you ask a question.

if you want to cancel your service, You will not be able to get through to a person, And when you do you still won't be able to. 

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