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Custom Lighting..

Industrial Style Lighting
Came to us as a request, We took it to the next step, This is a full light bar with 5 65 watt bulbs, We can customize it to fit your needs with a longer style, Shorter, Lower wattage bulbs and a variety of other options. Since the first project, weve done several custom lighting projects (seen above)
What we did
Seen on Top Chef, This Great lighting option was an obvious pick when we came across it. It's Made of all new parts, Solid metal and Edison style bulbs. Local delivery is available.

Purchasing Options

Industrial Light Bar 4x4

Package includes:

4 65 watt edison style bulbs

1 4' Assembly

1 15' lamp cord

1 Chain Pull Style Swich.

Finsih-Raw metal Silver tone

Industrial Light Bar 5x5 45% OFF

Package includes:

5 65 watt edison style bulbs

1 5' Assembly

1 15' lamp cord

1 Chain Pull Style Swich.

Finsih-Raw metal Silver tone



JANUARY 15th 2015

Custom Made to order Projects.

We can build whaterver you may need, Stain colors, FInishes and Size

Purchasing options for this Lighting bar or any others are available, However there are other option available if youd like to change it up a bit. For example, paint colors, Number of fixures etc. Fill out the form below and i'll be happy to get back to you right away.

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